A guide to earplugs

Our ears are complex and highly sensitive instruments that allow us to hear. This is why we should take care of them and protect them from the damaging, long-term effects of loud noise.

Why do I need ear protection?

The best way to protect your hearing is to avoid loud noise. But we understand that this isn’t so easy, especially if you work in noisy environments like construction sites and factories. Your employer should make sure that you have the proper protection to work safely.

But more and more young people are being affected by hearing loss. Listening to personal music devices, going to concerts, festivals and clubs all make a big difference to your hearing. Try to avoid standing too close to speakers and use reusable earplugs the next time you’re at a gig.

Ear protection

Our specialised hearing protection products are designed to protect your ears, but will also allow you to hear important sounds, like voices, clearly. They range from instant fit products for occasional leisure and DIY use, to custom fit devices aimed at providing protection at work or in more specialised environments